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Sara Butler- Freelance Writting

Stuff I Do (And I’m Good)

As they would say in the Star Wars universe - *waves hand* - I am the writer you are looking for.

OK, so my Jedi mind tricks are a little rusty, but my work and experience can speak for itself. With over six years of copywriting experience, I know what you need, no force required.

You give me the guidelines, I come up with the words and concepts to bring them to life. It’s really just that simple.


You know copywriting is important, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! I truly believe you can build a brand through effective copy and that’s why I strive to deliver value-driven content to my clients.


If you want to compete in the vacuum of space that is the world wide web, then you don’t just need copy, you need optimized copy. If you’re not sure why or how to make that happen, then I can help.

Digital Marketing

Well written, optimized copy is only one part of the pie – you also need to let the audience know who you are in an effort to create brand loyalty. I get to know your products and services so that I can communicate to your target audience who you are and help them to feel a connection to your brand.