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Ready to Read What I’ve Written?

As a writer, I’ve almost done it all. Need copy about health and wellness? I’m your gal. You need content for a law practice in Texas? Right here. I excel at research and pride myself on the fact that I can write a few thousand words on just about any topic. I’ve never written about the historical significance of lint collecting, but if that’s what you need, then I’ll make it an interesting read.

Here are some of my published works, some ghostwritten, so with my very bold byline.

Tips from the Land of Self-Care Bree Engineering Gears Up for 5G
Backpack Safety Breaking Down Spiderman
The Sally Yates Smack Down Guide to Mansplaining Behind the Buns: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher
HomeLight Blog Kate and Courtney
Lawn Love Blog The Princess and the Puke